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Please describe your experience visiting our office and what is your favorite thing about being in our practice?

“Everyone is very friendly. I appreciate Dr. Morin taking his time through the process, and not trying to hurry kids into braces. I love how he tries to get to know our family, and doesn’t treat you like just another patient.” — Lyndsey

 Brody and McCoy

“Dr. Morin and his staff have provided orthodontic treatment to my five children over the past 20+ years. The care we have received has been excellent. The staff is friendly and caring.” — Lori

Stephen, Adam, Garrett, Alexa, and Jenna

“Great! Everyone is friendly and helpful. All three of our children have had positive experiences, and they have had successful treatments.” — Angi

 Tyler, Breanna, and Shaelynn

“Doctor is careful, yet fast.” — Ryan

“Very friendly and great staff. My favorite thing is being in a great environment.” — Stacey


“We are working on our fifth child in braces! Dr. Morin’s staff is very accommodating with appointments and fees. We are very happy with the way all our teeth turned out. Thank you!” — Darci

Kyrie, Janae, Shaela, Kendra, and Lynelle